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thumbnailWater damage in Van Nuys commercial properties can be one of the most destructive aspects of owning a business. Not only is a dry and safe environment key to the business is longevity it is also vital in making a positive impression on your customers. If you’ve recently experienced water damage, time is of the essence. Most water damage is restorable within 24 hours of initial exposure. Beyond the window of 24-36 hours, dangerous bacteria and mold begin to take hold of your Van Nuys commercial property. This is only preventable by a professional intervention in the form of water extraction, drying, and complete sterilization. The water removal technicians at Van Nuys water damage have the skills experience and equipment to manage short commercial Van Nuys water restoration project.

Van Nuys Water Damage water extraction and restoration services are available when you need it most: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  After contacting our 24 hour call center, an IICRC certified crew will rush to your premises to get the water restoration process underway in 60 minutes or less. In working directly with your insurance company, Van Nuys Water Damage will help relieve much of the stress associated with a water damage disaster.

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Van Nuys Water Damage Water Damage Restoration

  • After receiving a call, Van Nuys water damage specialist will arrive on site within 60 minutes.Our technicians will quickly move to make a plan of attack regarding your particular case, and will initiate loss inventory for insurance claim filing purposes.
  • Van Nuys water damage specialist use a combination of thermal imagery and hygrometers to identify all sources of moisture. The benefit of this step is identifying areas of moisture damage that may not be immediately visible to the naked eye.
  • After identification of all of your moisture sources, ice technicians will classify your water damage as pure water, graywater or blackwater to prioritize action.
  • We use a combination of massive extraction pumps and air movers to completely remove water from your Van Nuys business. In the event of large-scale flooding, we are equipped to use truck mounted thousand gallon/minute extraction pumps.
  • Once moisture has been successfully removed, will use large commercial scale dehumidifiers to return the air she was safe and tri-state. Note, that many bacteria and fungi thrive in humid conditions. We use HEPA air sealed vacuum to scrub and improve the quality of air in your Van Nuys building.
  • The structure is safely monitored to ensure Successful restoration to pre-damage conditions.
  • Carpets and flooring are replaced, and all surfaces are cleaned and dried.
  • When the water damage restoration process is complete, your contents are returned to their original surroundings. If you prefer, you may choose to have them stored in our Van Nuys storage facilities until the restoration process Has been finished.
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Why should I go with Van Nuys Water Damage?

Our 24/7 emergency response service ensures that our crew and technicians are at the site within 60 minutes of your call.

As one of the most experienced water damage restoration companies in Southern California, we realize the importance of expedience delivery of services. Delays could lead to permanent damage that cannot be restored and your business will suffer.. Our 24/7 service ensures that you can get back to business as usual without delay.

We treat the contents with the utmost care and helping ensure they are restored to their pre-damage state and returned to you. Quality control is something we take very seriously to ensure that we gain your confidence and satisfaction.

Our professional IICRC certified crew consists of experienced technicians with many years of experience in the water restoration business. We make use of industrial size air blowers and air dehumidifiers that outperform the competition. After water extraction, we use patented deodorization and sterilization technology to ensure you space is hygienic and restored to preloss condition.

For the best of Southern California has to offer in commercial solutions for water damage, called Van Nuys water damage company today. You’ll be glad you did. (818) 922-8614